Our Success Stories

Golden Play Button Unboxing by Chef Rizwan & Ramish Chaudhary

Chef Rizwan Chaudhary, the instructor of commercial level recipes and the owner of BABA Food RRC and his team, congratulating and thanking their fans and the viewers for their love, support and the gratitude for the channel, on the special occasion of meeting the milestone of 1 Million Subscribers.

Silver Play Button Unboxing by Chef Rizwan & Ramish Chaudhary

Baba Food RRC celebrates its milestone for the completion of subscribers and on the arrival of the silver button by YouTube, Baba Food RRC and their fellows are gathered for the cake cutting ceremony and at this occasion, Chef Rizwan and Chef Ramish Chaudhary thank their viewers and fans for the love and support.

A Motivational story Of Chef Rizwan By Chef Ramish Rizwan

A story for struggle by Chef Rizwan is an inspiration for those who are of the view that efforts and dedication towards the mission is always a success. There was a time when Chef Rizwan’s talent was not accepted by the restaurants and he was given a signal of no, but at this time, he has proved his talent to the whole world and is almost recognized everywhere due to his perfect restaurant style recipes.

How To Setup A Commercial Kitchen

To setup a commercial kitchen is one of the most technical things in setting up a restaurant. It is considered to be the pre requisite to start a food business. Chef Ramish describes in detail the tips and the tricks to setup commercial kitchen.

Baba Food RRC Kon Hain? Earning Kitni hai?

Baba Food RRC and Chef Rizwan’s introduction, his efforts and his struggles and how much he is earning these days are all described in details.

Yeh Hmara Farz Banta Hy | BaBa Food Dastarkhwan

In an effort to help people in their hard times, Baba Food RRC came up with an idea of Baba Food Dastarkhawan. Rashan distribution is done to 80 families and then 100 families with respect to support them in Covid- 19. In addition to this, food on daily basis is distributed to the needy people. To view the detailed video about BaBa Food Dastarkhwan, visit YouTube channel Baba Food RRC.

Start Your Own Business Food ka business

Baba Food RRC is one of the first channels in Pakistan rather in the world that teaches restaurant style and commercial level recipes to people to eliminate unemployment. Many females in Pakistan have started their business from home and are now earning good. To view the tips and tricks about how to start your own food business, visit YouTube channel Baba Food RRC.

Opening Of Restaurant in East Africa, Uganda

This is the first project of Baba Food RRC outside Pakistan and we successfully made the openings of restaurants in Uganda, East Africa. These restaurants specialized in Pakistani food and Pakistani taste. To see the complete video about the restaurant opening and its celebration, visit YouTube channel Baba Food RRC.

City Food Project By Baba Food RRC

City Food Project is an addition to the success stories of Baba Food RRC in opening restaurants. This restaurant is opened in Sargodha City by the help of Chef Rizwan Chaudhary and his team. To see the detailed video about the restaurant opening and its celebration, visit YouTube channel Baba Food RRC.