About Us

Behind every success, there is an inspiration and behind every inspiration, there is a dream (vision) that leads to discovery, someone was passionate about.

BABA Food RRC (YouTube Channel) is a true example of success, inspiration, dream, discovery and passion that is not limited to a person or two rather it lightened the hope to become successful among the people who were in need of correct direction. The ones who do not need help but courage to look into the things differently, an approach towards success.

BABA Food RRC is the only YouTube channel in Pakistan that received appreciation in no time.  100,0000 (1 million) subscribers/fans in the time period of 9 months, viewers from 36 countries and international recognition with foreign exposure to East Africa. These are all big achievements and these all are due to a different approach that is coming up with the commercial level recipes and secrets in front of the viewers to motivate them to do something by their own. The results of an attitude to reduce their dependence finally came out in the form of facilitating almost 9000 people (that included both ladies and gents) to do their own frozen food business and etc. 


BABA Food RRC (YouTube Channel) is a journey that started only with a vision to empower the people with the commercial level skills and techniques about cooking to eliminate poverty from the country. No doubt the approach was different and thus was awarded by marvelous success by almighty Allah. The startup of the channel visibly showed the passion behind it as in the beginning, only the purpose was delivered with no proper video editing and etc. because the only resources utilized at that time very limited. However with the passage of time, the journey towards the perfection has been achieved either it’s in the form of video editing or in the form of content to be delivered.

Long and detailed videos clearly indicate the determination and the purity by which BABA Food RRC and its team make its viewers and fans learn each and every tip about cooking. This dedication has proved to be successful as the viewers are happy with this approach as they do not need to go for the long and detailed courses now they only need to switch on to you tube and view the videos as many times as they can. Even in the countries like Europe, many people who were unemployed learned from the BABA Food RRC videos and passed the restaurant tests and now Alhamdulillah, they are in the position to earn their livelihood with respect.

Chef Rizwan and his team try their level best to meet the challenges being faced by the people in these days of shut down due to the corona virus. BABA FOOD RRC came up with an idea of BABA Food Dastarkhawan to provide food on daily basis to the needy people. In addition to this, Rashan to needy families has been distributed keeping in view the self-respect of the needy people. This all has been done exclusively from the BABA FOOD RRC resources as it’s not an NGO thus no funding and donations were accepted in this regard.

If you guys also want to become the part of this journey, the only thing you can do is to subscribe BABA Food RRC Channel. Like and share its videos and do not forget to press the bell icon to view the upcoming videos. This will be a great honor for BABA Food RRC and its team.