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Baba Food RRC

Baba Food RRC is here to put an end to unemployment by food.

Assalam o Alaikum, This is Chef Rizwan Chaudhary from Baba Food RRC.

We hope everyone is fine by the Grace of Allah Almighty.

BaBa Food RRC provides golden opportunity to unemployed people especially ladies to learn the commercial level recipes that are served in restaurants so that they can start their own business from home or at commercial level.

Baba Food RRC YouTube channel link:

BABA Food RRC is the only YouTube channel in Pakistan that received appreciation in no time.  100,0000 (1 million) subscribers/fans in the time period of 9 months, viewers from 36 countries and international recognition with foreign exposure to East Africa. These are all big achievements and these all are due to a different approach that is coming up with the commercial level recipes and secrets in front of the viewers to motivate them to do something by their own. The results of an attitude to reduce their dependence finally came out in the form of facilitating almost 9000 people (that included both ladies and gents) to do their own frozen food business and etc.